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Sponsored by Nebraska Antique Farming Association
PLEASE PRINT   [Fill out and mail all three pages]
Name:________________________________________  Date:________
City:__________________________  State:________  Zip:___________
Home Phone:___________________  Cell Phone:__________________
Email Address:______________________________________________
Non Refundable Registration Fee:  $10.00 per Driver and/or Rider
Meals may be an extra cost item in some segments, contact the Segment Chairman for info
Each Driver/Rider must submit a signed registration form before May 1, 2012
Rear view mirrors are encouraged on all tractors
Make__________Model__________Year__________Road Speed______
In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, my executors, and
administrators, waive any and all rights and claims for damage that I may have against individuals
associated with this event, its agencies, representatives, successors, sponsors and assigns, for any and all
injuries suffered by me in said event.  I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in
this event and that I am physically able and  sufficiently trained to participate in the event. Each entrant
must carry their own insurance. Nebraska Antique Farming Association [NAFA] assumes no liability in the
event of an accident. I understand NAFA  reserves the right to limit the number of tractors in the ride in
order to control traffic and other administrative tasks.  I give my permission for the free use of my name
and picture in any broadcast, telecast, or print media account of this event. Signed__________________
Print a 2nd set for future reference & Return Registration Forms and safety pledge and check to:
Howard Raymond Box 212 Curtis NE 69025 Please indicate which segment or segments you will be participating in. Partial
segments are permitted. 

June 2 -   Sat. Plattsmouth to Waverly, 50 miles -Benny Benschoter  402-740-4387/ Larry Kruse 402-599-9615                                                     

June 3 -  Sun. Waverly to York, 60 miles -   Duane Starr  402-416-2282/Kenny Klepper 402-366-3874


June 4 - Mon. York to Grand Island, 54 miles - Marcellus Wall  402-631-7435/ Randy Fuehrer 308-548-8637


June 5 -  Tues. Grand Island to Kearney, 43 miles - Don Nelson  308-830-2630/ Jim Nelson  308-750-9540

June 6 - Wed. Kearney to Cozad, 54 miles - Gary L Metzger 308-493-5618/John Howsden 308-233-4555
June 7 - Thurs. Cozad to North Platte, 47 miles - Howard Raymond  308-650-1527/Virgil Banzhaf  303-907-3595

June 8 - Fri. North Platte to Ogallala, 53 miles - Jim Russell  308-289-6135/Arlyn Myers 308-737-1262

June 9 - Sat. Ogallala to Lisco, 59 miles - Ron Shearer  308-770-0044/Larry Bloomfield 308-631-2452
June 10 - Sun. Lisco to Lyman, 80 miles - Roger Williams 308-631-8642/Jack Preston 308-641-1398


I,  _______________________, hereby pledge to hold safety as the highest
priority on the Tractor Ride Across Nebraska (TRAN). The safety of my fellow riders
and the public traveling on the route is the utmost importance.
I pledge to obey the following mandatory rules:
1.  To hold a valid driver’s license
2.  To obey all traffic laws
3.  To not carry riders unless suitable seating is provided
4. To not pass other tractors or engage in any horseplay or racing
5. To cooperate fully with my Segment leaders (Areas with many tractors will be split into
groups of 12 maximum)
6.  To drive on the shoulder whenever possible
7.  To not have bicycle companions
8.  To not pull campers or any trailer that would block my vision.  (Trailers with seats or hay
bales permitted, all riders must remain seated)
9.  To post a SMV sign
10. To not have duals on my tractor
11. To follow designated route
12. To park in a safe location at my own risk
13. To abide by the decisions of the ride management team, based on
       The National Weather Service in the event of inclement weather.
I understand breaking these rules will result in denial of future applications.
Repetitive violators will be asked to leave the ride per the ride management team.

For complete information and registration downloads go to -