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2930 Old Oregon Trail

Gering, Nebraska 69341

Phone 308-436-1989



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 Farm And Ranch Museum 


      Larry Hubbard, President                                   Jack Preston,Vice President

      Phone:                                                                 Librarian, Archivist & Co-Director

      Cell: 308-631-7301                                               Phone:

      Home: 308-632-7793                                            Home: 308-247-2888 

                                                                                 Cell: 308-641-1398


     Charlie Fenster, Secretary &                                Dennis Wiedeman, Treasurer

     Co-Director                                                         Phone:

     Phone:                                                                  Work: 308-436-2188

     Home: 308-436-4254                                             Cell: 308-637-2188


     Jim Duncan                                                         Jeff Pieper

     Phone:                                                                  Phone

     Work: 308-247-2101                                             Work: 308-623-1611

     Cell: 308-641-2654                                                Cell: 308-762-4733


     Galen Larson                                                       Jim Schild

     Phone:                                                                  Phone  

     Home: 308-632-2353                                             Work: 308-632-1486

     Cell: 308-631-5311                                                Cell: 308-631-9399


     Marty Martinson                                                 Paul Considine

     Phone:                                                                  Phone:    

     Home: 308-632-4729                                             Home: 308-632-3897

     Cell: 308-631-7703                                                Cell: 308-765-1073



    Nancy Haney, Curator &                                      Judy Davidson

    Director of Public Relations                                  Receptionist

    Home: 308-247-2888                                              Cell: 308-765-0244

    Cell:  308-631-9446  


    Becky Simpson & Donna ConsidineGift Barn Managers


     Rick Myers, marketing and public relations assistant

    Home: 308-436-5426

    Cell: 308-631-0637